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Fuji Investment Corporation (富吉投资) is a wholly owned subsidiary of JF Investment Holdings LLC. At Fuji Investment Corporation, we are students of deep value investing philosophies. We are the ones paying 50 cents for 1 dollar worth of business, or 1 dollar for a great business with conservative balance sheet. We will not chase pricing trends or themes, speculating foreign exchange rate movements or commodity prices or deploying capital based on views about specific near term events.

Our philosophy is similar to other true value investors:

  1. Don’t lose money
  2. Never forget #1
  3. Buy a fair business at a great price and/or buy a great business at a fair price
  4. Ignore Mr. Market except for taking advantage of his moody swings
  5. Be a business owner, not a trader

We started our performance tracking from early 2016, when we had meaningful capital to demonstrate our ability to create value by assessing business fundamentals to identify undervalued securities.

We welcome any fellow investors’ comments. However, due to our main responsibility is always managing money for our partners, we may not be able to respond to comments timely.

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