Busy time of the year

By | November 19, 2018

With various indices moving violently up and down, with the second largest economy in solid bear market territory, with Brexit overhanging European and British stocks, with FANG dragging down overall market every other day, it is the busy time here at Fuji Investment Corp.

In October/November, we took pricing advantage to initiate/add to various positions in Hong Kong and China market, as well as various positions in US market.

We trimmed very little in some positions when the capital gain is turned into long term capital gain and the previous mis-pricing of the company is largely corrected. However for the strategic positions, the ones we may proudly call our “family business”, we still maintain a large exposure.

In private real estate market, we closed one real estate sale in Connecticut and lease another house in the same area. Recycled capital are very welcomed into public securities portfolio hopefully we can buy more pieces of great businesses at a discounted price just some exiting shareholders panicked.

Portfolio is being re-balanced, future out-performance seeds are being planted now.

A time for harvest, also a time for future.

Still net buyers of US Stocks, can’t have enough of them.

Wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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