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Is rising interest rate a sure-win for bank stocks?

By | April 30, 2018

Not necessarily. A headline news flash will almost always associate with rising interest rate with tailwind to bank stocks. But what is often missed is that banks’ profitability is associated with net interest margin: the yield they make lending long term subtract the short-term interest they are paying to their lenders (Fed or deposits etc.).… Read More »

The most outrageous thing in Corporate America today

By | April 23, 2018

Executive’s compensation. When I prepare this draft, I was thinking using “One of the most outrageous things”. However, after another round of reading, I decided to drop the structure and stick to “The most outrageous thing” in the subject. Frankly speaking, nothing else comes close to this. This time of the year is the usual… Read More »

Good luck to all warriors running Boston Marathon 2018 today!

By | April 16, 2018

April 16 is Patriots’ Day – the day marks 2018 Boston Marathon. Currently the weather forecast points to a snowy Sunday followed by a raining Monday with wind blowing against the runners from northeast at 26 mph strength. Look like it is going to be a very challenging race condition. But at the same time,… Read More »

We are probably already in a bear market for major US Equity Indices – and that’s OK

By | April 9, 2018

For the week beginning on April 2nd, 2018, S&P 500 Index opened at 2,633.45, fluctuated violently through the week with a high/low spread of 118.28 points (2,672.08 vs 2,553.8), or 4.49% of the opening level of the week. On Friday, the index ended the week at 2,604.47, nearing the low point of the week and… Read More »

5 similarities between long-term investing and training for (and running) a marathon

By | April 2, 2018

Long term investing and training for (and running) a marathon have a lot in common. I have experiences in both front: I am a long-term investor for over 15 years and I am an active runner raced in 5K, 4M, 10K, 15K and Marathon races. With experiences from both activities, I noticed a lot common… Read More »

FIC Core Portfolio Performance – As of Q1 2018

By | April 1, 2018

FIC Core Portfolio S&P 500 Total Return 2018 Q1 4.85%1 -0.76%2 2017-Calendar 32.39% 21.83% 2016-Calendar 29.31% 11.96% FIC Core Portfolio is not a tax-exempt account however, the return posted here is before considering tax liability generated by any investment activities. Returns reported here are all time weighted returns, therefore is not reflecting effect of deposits… Read More »